Donnerstag, Dezember 23, 2004


Eine der drei weltweit größten Webcam-Sammlungen ( hat die Pinguincam in ihre Sammlung "Top25-Webcam 2004" aufgenommen. Hier die Mitteilung per Mail:

"EarthCam is pleased to announce that your webcam has been chosen by our panel of EarthCam producers as one of EarthCam's 25 Most Interesting Webcams for 2004. The EarthCam producers selected the best out of hundreds of popular webcam nominees generated by submissions from individual webcam owners, fans and EarthCam researchers throughout the year. The criteria used for judging included quality of the image, uniqueness of the content and overall technical achievements in webcam technology.

Go to to look at the complete list of winners. Attached is a winner's graphic if you wish to display it on your site.

Sherri Uhrick

Where the World Watches the World!


Dot K hat gesagt…

Congratulations Martin. What a wonderful recognition. I love your site too. And, especially, that it has no hidden agenda - that is the best part. Best wishes to you in 2005.

M. Grund hat gesagt…

Thank you, DotK :-)

It is really not "my" cam but "our" cam, because without all those supporters there would be nothing! To have an interesting idea means nothing until you do not transform it in reality. I am just a small part of the whole thing... it was and is a good "symbiosis" or a kind of "mutualism", in which the association of different organisms is advantageous to all.

Great news from "Pale Male" in NYC. Let's hope that the pair will take over the new, old nest place. Much better christmas days now for all of you "Pale male" supporters I guess.