Sonntag, Dezember 05, 2004

Heute wurden die Farben der deutschen Nationalflagge auf den Windschutz der Tür vom Radioteleskop gemalt, hier die 4 Schritte. Mit auf dem Bild die Fahne von Bayern.


Dot K hat gesagt…

Good Morning Martin from New York - I also noticed the San Marino flag is moved closer to the building. Also there is a Gentoo II thread on the Raptor Resource forum. And as soon as the first egg hatches, I will start a new thread.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello DotK,

thank you for opening a second thread -- the first one became much tooooooo long ;-) - too much loading time for modem users. But it should be possible for the administrator to configure the forum in a way that after 20 entries there is opended automatically a second page..... hmmmm ?!?

I would like to find a precise map of the area to see which mountains (islands?) one can see in the background. Are they part of the Trinity peninsula or islands? I searched the internet but couldn't find a suitable one.