Samstag, November 03, 2007

Interessanter privater BLOG über die Pinguinwebcams...

Eine regelmäßige Beobachterin der Pinguin-Brutsaison ist Lin. Sie hat einen sehenswerten BLOG eingerichtet und wird wohl regelmäßig über die Pinguine berichten:

LINK ==>

Sie schrieb vor ein paar Wochen:


I began watching the Gentoos last year and it quickly became an obsession. I envy you guys, for living where you are and second, for the opportunity to do research. I have hundreds of pictures from last year's camera that I would like to share and I have developed a blog that hopefully will give you guys more exposure (and financial help):

I also am working on a website that promotes penguin adoption and I also have a myspace page devoted to promoting the fight against global warming.

Most of all, I want to thank you all for sharing your site with us visitors. And i do hope we can get those webcams fixed asap. Last year was great... it would be a shame that so many readers would miss the egg laying.

Guten tag,


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Anonym hat gesagt…

Bonjour chez-vous.
Je passe régulièrement sur vos webcams et je suis très heureux de retrouver, à la fois de nouvelles vues et les pingouins :-)
Je parle de vous ce dimanche, sur mon blog, dans l'un de mes articles.

Mes salutations