Donnerstag, November 01, 2007

Neue Satellitenbilder

Die Gegend rund um GARS O'Higgins ist in GoogleEarth jetzt mit hoher Auflösung erfasst. Hier drei Detailbilder, die ich mit Zusatzinfos versehen habe:


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi to all! I watch every day your site, from Italy, Milano, I like pinguins, it's a very beautiful idea to install web cam.
1 question, in this place, is there tourism? What is the temperature now? I see that is sunny day, today
Bye bye!

M. Grund hat gesagt…

Hello Elisabetta,

no, in general there is no regular "tourism" at this station. All I know is: at the german part of the station there is no tourism at all. There where a little few cruise ships during the last years at GARS O'Higgins, but 99% of the ships go to other locations. There is a cloud symbol at the left side of some of the webcam pics, click it and you get the actual temps. At the moment there is minus 6 degrees celsius...


DotK hat gesagt…

Martin - those Google Earth satellite pix are wonderful. Thanks for putting them up.